Lessons & Goals

We are wrapping up our first week of the new year and I can’t help but feel overcome with optimism and the desire to put a step into my hustle!

This last year brought joy yet sorrow, and I feel like I’ve gotten to know more about myself in the last 6 months than in all my 27 years. Some things learned may be silly and trivial, while others have been serious light bulb moments for me to realize “wow, that’s why I am that way!”

Here are the lessons that have stood out in the last year and my purposes for the coming year.

2018 Lessons

Capsule Wardrobe: Simply put, I’m on a bit of a struggle bus with the capsule. Yes, I still love the idea and I intend to be continually mindful of what I add into my closet. BUT, I realize I love to layer which means I have about as many jackets as tops! It has in the past frustrated me because I can’t seem to get to a “low enough” number count for my liking but guess what I’ve come to grips with? It really, really doesn’t matter. As long as I’m not frivolously spending money and I’m actually wearing what’s in my closet, then we are all good!

Mind/Body/Soul: I’ve come to love so much my quiet hour in the morning of tending to my heart more. This year has taught me so much about trusting in something more than myself and being humble.

Hair: This is so silly but I’ve been embarking on a hair journey the last few months to embrace a more natural approach to styling my hair. I’ve come to grips with my hair being somewhat wavy and while I always thought it was really frizzy, it’s actually quite curly in some areas when I use the right products, stay away from hot tools, and use a cotton tee shirt to dry instead of a terry towel! I will dive more into this topic on a further date because the results have been quite shocking to me.

2019 Purposes

– Continue to minimize belongings. First on the list: selling all of Lucy’s old clothes. I have no clue how she (*ahem: her mother who bought her the clothes*) accumulated so many BINS of clothing in her two years of life! Yes, bins upon bins.

– Spend more time doing things that will benefit me most by focusing on growth, spirituality and health. Keep my attention on productive activities and catch myself when I’m about to fall down a scrolling rabbit hole.

– Add an activity each week that pushes my creativity. My photography has been on a back burner as of late and I so badly want to make it more of a daily activity!

What are your purposes for the New Year?

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