Lucy’s 1st Fiesta

fiesta first birthday party


I’m a bit of an obsessed planner.  I look on Pinterest for months, and in this case, well over a year for ideas.  When I was still pregnant with Lucy, I was pinning on a secret Pinterest board, ideas for Lou’s first big party.  And you know what happened?  A month before her birthday I changed themes.  It was originally going to be a luau- how cute is that?  Lucy’s Luau?!  Well, it was Fiesta time in Texas over Lucy’s birthday and I just had to incorporate some Texan love into her day.  Long story short, Lucy had a wonderful fiesta.  We ate tacos and had dairy free lemon pound cake, which Lucy didn’t really seem to enjoy eating it as much as she enjoyed feeding it to her dog.  That lucky golden retriever!

Even though the ideas changed so soon to the day, I had a lot of fun putting together her party.  There were plenty of details that didn’t quite turn out as I imagined.  For example, the cactus balloons, which are actually three balloons glued together ended up being top heavy and falling upside down- sigh.  Nor could the group of toddlers and crawlers play the flamingo frisbee toss- what was I thinking with that one? But it was a gorgeous day outside and we enjoyed spending the day with our “near and dears” as we celebrated our lovely Lulu.

A few DIY projects for the party were the cactus balloons (idea found here), cactus banner (printable here), “Can’t Touch This” cactus coloring page party favors (printable here).

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