Nest Tour: An Impressive Modern Farmhouse Remodel

modern farmhouse, interior design, remodel, inspiration

modern farmhouse, interior design, remodel, inspiration

My dream would be to update an old farmhouse.  But since tackling the small feat of remodeling our kitchen a year ago, there is no way I am ever getting my hubby on board for a full remodel ever.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t get ideas from the other remodels and their fantastic results!  I found this great remodel on Apartment Therapy; Raina, from A Stylist’s Life, and Robert bought a 1,200 sf farmhouse that was in need of some desperate modernization.  Their efforts are so impressive- and can you believe they’re only using the place as a rental property?!

Before: (and let’s just say the inside was as bad as the out- but for more detailed photos, check out Raina’s blog post here)



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51bb43dcdbd0cb6fec0001e8._w.1000_h.1000_s.fit_All photos via Apartment Therapy

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