Nest Tour: Joanna Goddard

Do any of you read the blog “A Cup of Jo“?  For years I have sporadically followed along, and last week she shared a tour of her family’s Brooklyn apartment.  As usual, I love the mid century modern styling, and her gallery wall is epic!  I am impressed that even in the kids’ rooms, the styling is still cohesive to the rest of the house.  It flows so nicely!

joanna-goddard-house-tour-living-room-brooklyn joanna-goddard-brooklyn-house-tour-best-home-decor joanna-goddard-house-tour-anton-nurseryjoanna-goddard-house-tour-toby-roomjoanna-goddard-house-tour-bedroom-best-paint-colors joanna-goddard-house-tour-bedroom-decor joanna-goddard-house-tour-bookcase joanna-goddard-house-tour-kitchenA

All photos are from Joanna’s blog


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