Nest Tour: Past Homes

This nest tour post is going to be a little different than the usual, as it is on a more personal note.   I will be back to bringing you a grand home tour next week! 

My family now lives in Texas, but the first 12 years of my life were spent in Minnesota, where I was born.  My parents bought a 40 acre plot of land and subdivided it into four 5 acre lots and two 10 acre lots, and my dad would build a house, we would live in it for a year or two, sell it, pack up, and move to the newly constructed house next in line down the row.  That is when I started to engage in the interior design process- from a very young age, my siblings and I were brought along to the flooring stores to look at samples, lighting stores to pick out lights, parade of homes for ideas and so on.  Us kids even got to pick out our own carpet, paint, and fixtures for some of the homes when we got a little older! 

While we were on our trip to Minnesota, I drove Chase by my childhood homes.  It meant so much to see those homes, where so many memories live, still taken care of and holding strong.  

Although, the home that I was taken home from the hospital to when I was a new babe isn’t doing so well. It is currently foreclosed on and needs some care- I don’t remember living in this home, but I have heard a lot of stories!  So seeing it run down made me want to buy it and move to Minnesota so I could take care of the home!    
This next house was actually the first built on the 40 acres of land. We moved here when I was just a baby and I learned to walk here!  My earliest memories were made in this home, where I can remember playing the crawl space with my siblings.  

Second home on the plot of land:

Third home on the plot of land:    

 Fourth home on the plot of land: 
The fifth home my dad sold as just the lot so we didn’t build it, so I didn’t think a picture was necessary!  The sixth and last home we build in Minnesota was supposed to be where we ended.  It was my parents dream home, outfitted with special customized features like wood inlays in the floor and painted murals on the wall in the master bathroom and my bedroom.  I had always wanted a beach scene on my wall so in the “last home” I got to paint one with my aunt Mary who is an artist- I loved it so much and was sad to leave it!  But that plan to stay was changed when my dad’s work took us to Texas, just a few years after moving into the dream home!  I grabbed a picture of the home but the lot is so wooded that the home is barely visible from the road.  I’m bummed the picture didn’t turn out but I still loved driving by.  

One thing I noticed more than ever when we were out in Minnesota was the Midwestern style of home.  Siding is very popular still in that part of the country!  It was intriguing to drive through many different states and see how the styles changed.  

Have a good Thursday! 



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