Nest Tour: Taylor Tomasi Hill’s NYC Apartment

Taylor Tomasi Hill has a way of pulling together random articles of clothing and creating eclectic yet polished looks. I am always so impressed and intrigued by her outfits, just as I would be gazing at a piece of art in a museum. Her apartment is no different! There is a mix of eclectic pieces tied together to create a somehow cohesive look.  She pairs classic French styled furniture with some industrial and modern pieces.  And let’s not forget the color pops!  The red coffee table is pretty unexpected.  And check out her closet!!!!



taylor-tomasi-apt-15_145102221678 taylor-tomasi-apt-11_145058614039 taylor-tomasi-apt-08_145055779886 taylor-tomasi-apt-02_145050778994

Photos from Vogue

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