New Closet Addition: Sail Away Pullover


sail away: a summer pullover
I believe in versatility.  Before I buy something, I have to make up at least 4 outfits in my mind with my new piece- it may seem excessive but I don’t want to fill my closet with pieces I can’t wear together! At the store, I have been passing by this little pullover because I don’t normally buy anything with graphics or lettering since I usually think it’s hard to dress up a graphic. But the more I saw this top (and then felt how soft it was!) I knew it would be a great summer addition. Pairing this number over a button down with trousers or pencil skirts for the office or with my navy and white striped dress or shorts for running errands, this will get a lot of wear!

Sail Away Pullover

 Sail Away Pullover by newmansnest featuring navy tops

Sail Away Pullover

sail away pullover

Do you have a favorite summer sweater or pullover?


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