Not Always Rosey

  So often, blogs and social media only show the happy days.  Life always looks picture perfect. But that isn’t real.  Which brings me to our real days as of late.  

Since last Monday, Chase has become very well acquainted with hospitals, lab tests, and doctors appointments.  The whirlwind has begun…

For the past year and a half, Chase has had a burning pain that comes and goes down his left leg.  He has seen multiple doctors and physical therapists, and there never was relief or a clear prognosis.  Sciatica, bulging disks, those were the normal culprits we would hear.  Chase was feeling like he would have to live forever with this pain with an unknown cause. The latest surgeon he met with a few months ago wanted to do some more extensive MRIs on Monday which revealed the real culprit.  

A tumor. 

A week ago today, we met with the surgeon who explained there is a .5″x.75″ tumor in Chase’s spinal cord in the thoracic region.  It has been mind blowing as we hear of treatment plans, surgery (maybe plural), and recovery time.  Normalcy has just flown out the window for my otherwise healthy, big and strong, 28 year old husband.  We won’t know much about the tumor until a biopsy is taken, but it seems to be a slow growing tumor.  That means it has a 70% chance of being benign.  We are so hopeful about the high percentage and are clinging to any positive news!    

As of now, surgery is scheduled for this Thursday to take the biopsy and remove as much of the tumor as possible but because of the location the surgeon is extremely cautious (thankfully).  We will get the results from the biopsy in 1-2 weeks, which I’m sure will feel like eternity while we wait. 

Chase has been laying low due to the continued back pain, and recovering from a spinal tap.  Now we are just focusing on prepping for surgery.  On Thursday, there is a chance Chase will be in the neuro ICU so visiting will be limited.  He will need some time to recover on his own terms so we would appreciate just positive thoughts and texts while he is in the hospital.  We’ll be open for visiting once he is home, though!  

We are so thankful for the support we have received so far.  We’ll update the blog with any news!

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  1. Oh, Lana, I am so, so, so, sorry to hear this news. I am sending big hugs and buckets full of encouragement to you both. What a scary, frustrating, and consuming experience it all must be. You both are strong people, but remember there are so many people you can lean on. Wish I was closer to come bring you extra coffee and some Minnesota-style hotdishes.

    Will be thinking of you both during this. Stay encouraged!! Sending all the positive vibes your way.

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