I absolutely LOVE having fresh flowers in our house. During the summer, I always had fresh flowers from our yard or I would pick up a bunch at the store. I always feel that my house looks nicer with a vase of flowers present! Now that summer is gone (it’s only October, Idaho- you could try to stay warmer a little longer!) I don’t have flowers blooming outside anymore. Orchids have always scared me, but I thought I would give them a try this fall/winter.

A few things I have learned on caring for orchids (Google and Pinterest are my friend):

1. Don’t over water! When watering, take plant out of decorative pot and fill plastic pot that orchid is planted in with water. Let the water run out the bottom- that’s it! I have heard to do this only once a week. I picked Sunday evening as my watering day.
2. Place near a window- orchids like the the sun, but not direct sunlight. I have my orchid by our kitchen sink because our kitchen window is East facing.
3.  Orchids like humidity so a bathroom is also an ideal place for them.


That’s about it!  Seems pretty simple, eh?

Who will be joining me with an orchid endeavor?  I would love some more tips if you have any!


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