An Arizona Christmas

For the holidays, I was able to get some time with my family in Phoenix while Chase had to work back home. It was a bummer to be apart from the hubby but always nice to see the fam!

For Christmas Eve Day, we went to my aunt and uncle’s house in Payson. The weather was beautiful!

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I absolutely LOVE having fresh flowers in our house. During the summer, I always had fresh flowers from our yard or I would pick up a bunch at the store. I always feel that my house looks nicer with a vase of flowers present! Now that summer is gone (it’s only October, Idaho- you could try to stay warmer a little longer!) I don’t have flowers blooming outside anymore. Orchids have always scared me, but I thought I would give them a try this fall/winter.

A few things I have learned on caring for orchids (Google and Pinterest are my friend):

1. Don’t over water! When watering, take plant out of decorative pot and fill plastic pot that orchid is planted in with water. Let the water run out the bottom- that’s it! I have heard to do this only once a week. I picked Sunday evening as my watering day.
2. Place near a window- orchids like the the sun, but not direct sunlight. I have my orchid by our kitchen sink because our kitchen window is East facing.
3.  Orchids like humidity so a bathroom is also an ideal place for them.


That’s about it!  Seems pretty simple, eh?

Who will be joining me with an orchid endeavor?  I would love some more tips if you have any!


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