Art Museum

I love art museums. Their plain white walls, concrete floor, and industrial lighting are the epitome of the minimalism that I am trying oh so hard to achieve. Even though Boise is a small city, the art museum always has great exhibits.

Today, while I had a few hours between classes and a meeting (and since it’s the first week of class, so I’m not bogged down with studying), I went to the BAM. All by myself. Don’t get me wrong, I am quite independent- I do a lot of things on my own- but going to a museum? That was a first! It was actually quite rewarding.
Directly behind the BAM is the Julia Davis Rose Gardens. I couldn’t help myself from wondering through since fall is almost here!
Those few hours were so refreshing- I thoroughly enjoyed my solo art museum endeavor- is that nerdy?

What’s your favorite museum?




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Happy Birthday, Babe!


Happy birthday to a wonderful husband and my best friend!

We spent the weekend celebrating by a picnic and boat ride on Friday night, dinner with friends on Saturday night, and a date night yesterday. Since our birthday’s are so close together, we like to spread the party out a bit!  The picture above is our dessert at a local restaurant, Barbacoa- it was cotton candy surrounding a truffle brownie.  Perfect for a sugar addict like myself!

Happy Monday to all- hope everyone had a great weekend!

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Adelmann Mine

This weekend, we hiked back to the Adelmann Mine tucked away in the foothills. I have attempted to do some research on the mine, but there isn’t much online about it (kind of strange for someone in my generation- I’m so used to being able to google anything).  The mine looked like something out of an Indiana Jones movie!  It was neat to see the history around Boise.

In the gallery below, there is a picture of the rock slide where it is evident the mine was blown shut.  There were boards between the rocks, which were probably part of the door.  It was really cool to see the evidence of a working mine back in the day!

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