Lucy’s Fall Capsule Wardrobe

With kids, minimizing possessions seems impossible sometimes. (And maybe a little crazy!) But since paring down my closet to only things I love and wear often, I have found my morning routine (and laundry) go so much smoother. A more streamlined morning routine with a little one sounds like a dream, so I figured why not simplify Lucy’s clothing as well? Yes, it was hard- there are so many cute things for little girls to buy! But I’m hoping that having a limited number of things for Lucy will keep us from shopping and instead spend that time playing together. Also, by planning out her wardrobe, it gave me the ability to be more selective so more items go together seamlessly (this is important for when her daddy and Opa dress her, ha!) and I also was able to save money by shopping at the thrift store with the main goal of being sustainable (a win-win!)

For second hand items, I love because I can search for my favorite brands online at any time of day! Also, there’s always free shipping or other coupons available online.  If you shop through my referral link here, you will get 20% off and I will get a $20 shop credit! Thank you for supporting the blog! Also, I like to purchase through the Poshmark app (or website) because it supports other individuals- and if you’re buying kids clothes there, it usually is supporting other mommas!  Use code NXTPF for $5 off your first order at Poshmark.  Brick and mortar resale stores near our home that I like for Lucy are Kidz Again and Kids to Kids. Both are very clean and organized nicely! I also like to sell to these stores so I can essentially just trade her clothing for larger sizes.

** I am not giving you these discount codes in hopes that you will go buy many things to clutter your life- but I do want to help save you money if possible!  I also feel very strongly about buying second hand, so I’m happy to share these sites and stores with you.**

To plan Lucy’s wardrobe, I first picked a color palette of neutrals (cream, black, white) army green, and pops of pink (blush and bright pink). From there, I listed out types of clothing she needed: bottoms, tops, dresses, and jackets/coats/sweaters. More tops are necessary than bottoms, and I love Lucy in dresses so I focused my attention on those two areas. I’m so happy with all the great pieces I found (some were gifts, some things are on loan from friends, but most are thrifted).

toddler girl capsule wardrobe, fall capsule wardrobe, simplifying with kids1. genuine kids; swap 2. baby gap; poshmark 3. baby gap; from a friend 4. baby gap; kidz again 5. old navy; kidz again 6. zara; poshmark 7. carter’s; swap 8. baby gap; swap 9. carter’s; kidz again 10. old navy; swap 11. baby gap; kidz again 12. baby gap; kidz again 13. baby gap; swap 14. genuine kids; kidz again 15. baby gap; kidz again 16. children’s place; kidz again 17. old navy; from a friend 18. gymboree; swap 19. zara; swap 20. zara; from a friend 21. gymboree; savers 22. old navy; swap 23. baby gap; from a friend 24. old navy; poshmark 25. baby gap; kidz again 26. baby gap; gift

I have also been working on my Fall capsule wardrobe so stay tuned for that, but little girl clothing is way more fun to show off so Lucy’s was top priority!

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Decluttering Burst: Getting Rid of 100 Things in 1 Hour

I have been getting such joy out of minimizing our belongings on our journey to a more simplified life and home. But lately, I’ve hit a plateau- I’ve gone through my closet, my bathroom drawers, the winter gear, junk drawers, and our office area. But why do I still feel “heavy” like I have too much stuff weighing me down?
I came across a Decluttering Burst Challenge on Courtney Carver’s blog and thought it was just the right activity to get me motivated again! Boy, did it work. The challenge is to discard or donate 100 things in one hour. I have to admit, my hour may have been cut in half because a toddler will do that! But I still was able to get rid of at least 100 items.  I wonder how many things I could have purged in the whole hour?!

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Camping Near Ketchum

There is nothing better than camping in the summer. All the effort of prepping and packing the car up is made worth it while you’re cuddled into your sleeping bag in the morning with the brisk air surrounding you. But with kids… That effort is tripled it seems! We had grand plans of camping at least four or five times this season, but this last weekend marked our second trip!  Our first trip, which I blogged about here was so fun but we had the help of three other adults to watch Lou- without that we thought camping would be impossible!  But we braved the unknown and joined some friends of ours for a night of nature.  I was amazed at how much easier this trip was, with Lucy not even 2 months older!  She was happy to explore close by on her own and didn’t stick everything into her mouth. 

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