A Guide to the Best Lunch Spots in Boise, Idaho

boise idaho, lunch, dining, travel

boise idaho, lunch, dining, travel

1. Lemon Tree Co.  224 N 10th St, Boise, ID 83702 Get the big cheese! I’m always a fan of adult grilled cheese sandwiches and this one wins with its cherry preserves to add the right amount of sweet and tart.

boise idaho, lunch, dining, travel

boise idaho, lunch, dining, travel

2. Tasso  401 S 8th St, Boise, ID 83702 When asked what the favorite on the menu was, I was promptly told, “Country Devil!” almost before I could even finish asking. And I now understand the enthusiam behind the answer- just go try it.
boise idaho, lunch, dining, travel boise idaho, lunch, dining, travel boise idaho, lunch, dining, travel boise idaho, lunch, dining, travel

3. Zeppole Baking Co  215 N 8th St, Boise, ID 83702 I’m not one to go out of my way to eat a vegetarian sandwich, but Zeppole’s Roasted Red Peppers, Provolone Cheese, Feta Cheese, Black Olives & Spinach sandwich is so tasty that it doesn’t need any meat. The roasted red peppers add the perfect amount of savory. (I’ve also eaten their non-vegetarian options and haven’t been disappointed, just fyi.)

4. Alia’s Coffeehouse 908 W Main St, Boise, ID 83702 If a bagel sandwich sounds good, this is where to go.

5. Calle 75 Street Tacos  110 N 11th St, Boise, ID 83702 When soup, sandwiches, or salads don’t sound appetizing, stop by Calle 75 for the best burrito of your life. The Green Pig is the way to go- and try some chips and guac while you’re there!

boise idaho, lunch, dining, travel

boise idaho, lunch, dining, travel

boise idaho, lunch, dining, travel

6. Zee’s Rooftop  250 S 5th St #900, Boise, ID 83702 The view of the city is the BEST from this spot! And the food won’t disappoint.

7. The Funky Taco 801 W Bannock St, Boise, ID 83702  Another great option for tacos downtown, especially if you’re looking for off the wall pairings.  Their tacos don’t only taste amazing but look beautiful!  Oh, and the beer cheese queso?  LEGIT.

boise idaho, lunch, dining, travel

boise idaho, lunch, dining, travel

8. Txikiteo 1401 W Idaho St, Boise, ID 83702 If you’re in the mood to branch out and try some Basque cuisine for lunch, Txikiteo has some great small plate options.  Or just try a cheese board- so good!

boise idaho, lunch, dining, travel

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Traveling to Sun Valley During Slack

What even is slack? Honestly, I didn’t know until recently since working in the tourism industry. Really, it just means the off season. Although a resort town like Ketchum is amazing in the snowy Winter and dead heat of Summer, there are many reasons why traveling during slack is a great option.

Here are some of my Top 5 Reasons (plus a bonus reason!) why I’m now sold on traveling during slack:

1. Cost

We cut our hotel bill by over half just from traveling during the slow season. The hotel we stayed at, The Limelight, was offering a local rate that we were able to book online. I just had to show my drivers license to prove I was an Idaho residence once we got there! If lodging properties in resort areas near you don’t list a “local rate”, give them a call and ask if they would accommodate one. It’s worth asking! Keep in mind, this would only work during the slow season, though.

Limelight hotel, Ketchum Idaho, Sun ValleyLimelight hotel, Ketchum Idaho, Sun Valley

Limelight hotel, Ketchum Idaho, Sun Valley

Limelight hotel, Ketchum Idaho, Sun Valley

2. No Crowds

I don’t think I need to give too much of an explanation here… I do not love being amongst mass amounts of people in places where I’m trying to explore and take it all in. And this also leads me into my next reason…

3. Kid Friendly

Traveling with hoards of crowds around is a parents nightmare. Especially with toddlers who don’t want to be in a stroller and prefer a little exploring of their own. Yikes. But not only that, it’s easier to have a pleasant experience from staff during slack when you feel like you’re asking a lot to appease the kiddos!

Limelight hotel, Ketchum Idaho, Sun ValleyLimelight hotel, Ketchum Idaho, Sun ValleyLimelight hotel, Ketchum Idaho, Sun Valley

Side Note: The Limelight in Ketchum is amazingly kid friendly. I’m talking teepee tents in the room (at an extra cost) and a kids room with tons of fun toys. We’ll be back there for sure!

4. No Reservations

While this could read many different ways, I actually mean dinner reservations! Usually, resort towns are booked solid for dinner during the peak season. But during slack, you can take your pick of dinner times! We had a well known restaurant all to ourselves when we were in Sun Valley last weekend- one other family came in while we were paying the bill. (You also won’t have any reservations about traveling during slack… get it?! HA. I crack myself up.)

5. Local Feel

You aren’t just “another tourist” when traveling during slack. Those working in the hospitality industry genuinely are thankful for your business and therefore treatment is usually much more of a local feel.

Bonus Reason: Less Options

This may sound like a reason that you wouldn’t want to go for but it actually is a super helpful one in my opinion! Many restaurants plan updates or just simply shut down during slack due to not enough traffic. Why this is nice is because it really helps the decision making process. I love trying new places so traveling can be crazy overwhelming since there’s so many options! Enter traveling during slack, when the options are cut in half. Ha!

Have you had good experiences traveling during slow seasons?

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Dealing with Anxiety: a Natural and Mindful Approach

Mindful and natural approach to dealing with anxietyThis post is hard for me to write. I don’t like to air my dirty laundry publicly, and it’s hard to talk about our “faults”. But I really think anxiety has become a very common trait for all of us to overcome. A Tedx Talk recently taught me that “one in every four to five kids meets the criteria for a serious mental health disorder, and of those disorders, the largest was axiety disorders” (Bite Size Mindfulness). This staggering statistic made me realize how important it is to find ways to overcome anxiety, not only for myself, but for the future generation.

I post a lot of “pretty pictures” and tell you all about the fun things we get to do- but I want you to know that I am right with the next person when it comes to the daily silent struggle. Without going into any details, I’ll just say we’ve faced our fair share of stress over the last few years. While I still think our life is technically pretty easy and I feel so fortunate to have a great home life, a wonderful support system, and many other blessings, sometimes I get focused on the negatives. For me, this causes some serious anxiety and overwhelmed feelings.

Recently, someone close to me told me they went on medication for anxiety- an antidepressent. That was a serious lightbulb moment for me. You mean it’s not normal to feel so anxious? There is help for that? I didn’t feel depressed- I had more good days than bad. I was still functioning. I told myself that depressed people can’t even get up in the morning, so I was definitly not depressed. But feeling anxious? Oh yeah. I got that one down pretty good. So why wasn’t I getting help for it?

Instead of calling my doctor right away, I wanted to try some simple and natural remedies. First, I knew I needed to get to the root of it all. I had a serious soul searching moment to find out why I was feeling so anxious. The takeaways? I didn’t feel like I was being the best mom that I could be. I was feeling like I never had any energy or time to recharge (classic introvert over here), which I in turn blamed Lucy for, which made me feel like an even worse mom. I felt like the house was always messy yet I never had time to clean it, I was unorganized, and always rushed. Well, how can I combat those issues? Pretty easily, to be honest!

These little healthy habits have made a huge impact in my life to make me a more calm person – I’m sure they could benefit those who don’t battle anxiety, too!

Wake Up Earlier:
I started waking up an hour earlier than usual so I can shower, get dressed and ready for the day, and then have quiet time to read and meditate while I sip my coffee by the fire before anyone in the house is even up. Even on the weekends! 5:30 am has become my favorite time of day- sounds crazy, I know. Making sure that I’m filling my cup before I take care of anyone else has been the number one help for me.

Use a Planner:
The feelings of unorganization and even a messy house have been helped with my recent planner purchase. I write everything down that I want to get done- I mean EVERYTHING! Crossing things off the list is such a great feeling. I write down one house task a day and have been able to keep the house clean by doing a little every day, which leads me into my next helpful tip.

Adopt the FlyLady Method:
FlyLady is all about starting routines in your life to simplify keeping a clean house. But the best part about it for me is that it doesn’t take much time- 15 minutes a day is all that’s required. FlyLady also has some great tips on having a successful morning and evening routine to set yourself up for success both throughout the day and into the next.

I’ve been on the decluttering journey for well over a year now, yet I still feel like we have so much stuff! Chase has been awesome to jump on the bandwagon with me and get serious about paring down. In the last few weeks, I’ve gone through our laundry room, most of the kitchen cabinets that were getting too full, and the junk drawers. And Chase has sold more things from the garage than I can count!

Take Vitamins/Supplements:
I’ve added B-12 to my usual vitamin routine, and I drink CALM in the evenings quite often. I realize for some it will take prescription medication and that is totally FINE! For me, adding these natural supplements that aid in calming have been a big help.

Say “No”:
Unfortunately, “FOMO” is an actual term in our dictionary these days. The fear of missing out will keep us doing things we don’t really want to do and buying things we don’t really want to buy- this only adds to anxiety. Just say “No”- I’ve learned that giving myself permission to only take part in things that will calm my nerves is important in this stage (I realize I will need to get myself out of my comfort zone in the future, but for now, this is helping).

Learn and Better Yourself:
I’ve been listening to Tedx Talks throughout my day while I work or do tasks around the house. I’m the type of person who’s mind is constantly going, so learning about positive things has been a good change for me. And hearing about other people’s good ideas motivates me to doing better things myself!

Limit Social Media:
We all are guilty of doing some bragging on social media- it’s the nature of the game, posting about the best parts of our lives. But when you feel overwhelmed, seeing how “easy” it is for someone else is not helpful at all. Limiting how much you’re on those platforms can help redirect your mind to healthier thoughts.

Drink Warm Water:
I love coffee and could drink it all day long- so drinking water at a hotter temperature has tricked me into drinking more! I also think that it has a calming effect since it’s warm and cozy. I fill my 20 ounce Yeti many times throughout the day. I don’t know anything scientific on this one, but for me it’s been working!

These opinions are all my own, and I know may not help everyone. I think there is a time and place for medication, but these small acts have made a huge impact for me lately so I wanted to share in case anyone else is feeling a bit frazzled!

Do these sound like things that would help you in your life?

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