Nest Tour: Tiny Boise House

nest tour tiny house

I love the tiny house movement that seems to have taken hold.  I believe we spend a lot of time at home and it should be a haven, but I don’t think we need 5,000 sf or more to be comfortable.  And why not use the money on things like traveling and fun activities instead of a large house payment?!

Macy Miller, an architect, has a tiny home in Boise.  The total cost was $11,400 and is 196 square foot.  Everything in the space has a purpose, and there definitely isn’t anything in excess!   But it is seriously cute- check it out.

tiny house, interior designtiny house, interior design tiny house, interior design tiny house, interior design tiny house, interior design tiny house, interior design
tiny house, interior designphotos via KBOI2

Do you think you could live in a tiny home?



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Personal Goals

Last night we had a lovely dinner with aunts and uncles.  Family time is very precious and one reason it is that to me is because I enjoy listening to the stories, advice, and opinions shared.  The topic of goals came up and it was mentioned to keep goals attainable.  I know goals are incredibly important, but even more important is making sure the goals are SMART, which is as follows:

smart goals

Back in college we learned about SMART goals, and I never really cared all to much then.  But now with my goals changing from the grade I would get in a class to the future of my career, our house projects, and even the blog, I know I need to reevaluate.   I also feel like time is flying by;  it’s like summer is drawing to a close already.
I realize it is not even close to Fall yet, but maybe it’s because we only have a week or so left in July and once August hits there is only a few weeks before school starts!  On a side note, this is the first fall where I won’t be going back to classes and it is a very strange feeling!
So back to goals- I don’t want to waste time just floating along working or posting on the blog.  I need to keep my goals in mind but make sure they are reachable!  So for July, I have a few very attainable goals.  I want to finish a crochet project I am working on and I want to finish a book I have started, The Girl on the Train.  My goals for the Fall include learning even more in my position as a manager in training at Anthropologie and see where that takes me, and focus on posting here more often and more creatively.  I want to make sure that Newman’s Nest is a place that will cultivate inspiration not just for myself but for others as well!  And as for a house goal, I would  like to finally add the cabinet hardware to our kitchen cabinets.

So now that I have shared my goals, I hope you will all hold me accountable!  Do you have any goals?



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