Portland Sightseeing

Let me tell you, Portland has the most awesome Starbucks downtown.  Maybe it is a little crazy that instead of finding the hip, local coffee shops, we head for the closest mega-chain?

Anyways, Portland is pretty nifty.  They most amazing book store, Powell’s.  It has multiple stories of books stacked floor to ceiling.  I mean seriously!  HOW COOL.

We also got a chance to ride the jet boats on the Willamette River (pronounced Will-AM-et, not Willa-mettie.  Oh yes, we did learn that the hard way, but we’re tourists so it’s ok).  It was pretty great, but I did get just a little more wet than I thought I would (I’m talking, water dripping down my nose, here).

All in all, Portland was a super fun city to visit- I would love to go back!

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