Pregnancy Update

pregnancy update-2

I realize I have been terrible at keeping the blog up to date with my pregnancy!  So being that today is the official last day of my second trimester, I figured it was time for a post.  I am amazed tomorrow will mark the beginning of the THIRD TRIMESTER!  How did it go so fast?

I really have been fortunate with this little babe- I haven’t had much trouble or sickness, which I almost feel guilty saying out loud or writing on here because it’s almost expected to be sick all the time or have aches and pains!  I will admit though, that all the way through the first and almost through the whole second trimesters I have been TIRED.  Obviously this is pretty common,  so not a big deal- I just grabbed a nap whenever possible.  Also, some weird things no one tells you about like toothpaste tasting terrible?  Yep, that happened.

Weight Gain
I have tried to combat too much weight gain by not straying from my usual healthy eating habits- but lately it has been a little too easy to give in to a (small) bowl of ice cream or some candy.  I try to tell myself it is all in moderation, right?!  I do try to eat a salad a day, either for lunch or dinner with some extra protein on the side so that does make me feel a little better about giving in every once in a while.

Staying active has really been key for me to stay on top of the weight gain- I usually leave work with around 8,000-10,000 steps on my FitBit, and if I haven’t hit the 10,000 mark, Chase and I try to get a walk in around the neighborhood.  At the beginning of the second trimester, I was pretty good about doing free weights as well but that sure tapered off during the Holidays!  Oops.

Baby’s Activity
This girl is getting strong!  I feel her now throughout the day, especially when I sit down because she doesn’t like my waistband much (I’m still getting by with my pre-pregnancy jeans with a hair tie to hold them closed so I suppose I am squeezing into her space a bit).  But she has continued to stay most active in the mornings- lately I have been waking up to what feels like a boxing match (I am not complaining- I love it!)

Baby Bump
I haven’t had too much of a bump to show off until pretty recently, which it still isn’t a very cute, high bump like you typically see!  She’s just sitting so darned low.  But as you can see in the pictures, somewhere between the halfway mark and 25 weeks I sure popped!  I know the last bump picture I took was 25 weeks, and tomorrow I will be 28 so I need to get snapping again.

20 weeks pregnant, pregnancy bump, 20 weeks 25 weeks pregnant, pregnancy bump, 25 weeks


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