This year has brought changes to our household.  Lucy entering the toddler phase,  Chase medically retiring from his military career and entering his 30’s, me starting a part time job marketing our town to visitors… Good changes, but differences non the less!

One of the main changes for me was quitting my full-time management position at Anthropologie to spend more time at home with Lucy. I thought a decrease in funds would make for less freedom but I’ve been amazed at how simplifying and cutting stress has actually given us the tools to become more free in a financial sense. We’ve become very budget-centered which somehow has grown a contentment for what we have and living more simply.

This change has filtered through to the blog as well. I find that being a “lifestyle” blog opens up the gamete of writing to just about anything, which while that may seem easier, it’s actually quite daunting.  I find myself all over the board of subjects!  My values and views have shifted towards living the simple life so that’s where the blog is headed, too.  Still branded as “Newman’s Nest”, the blog will continue to feature our day-to-day but will be centered around our attempt to curate a more minimalist life.  Topics will include eating more wholesome (thanks to Whole30!), being more present, and of course the capsule wardrobe!  Along with the refocusing, you will notice a slightly new look, although I can’t seem to get away from a very clean, minimal blog design! I loved the way the blog looked before but we were in need of a look that would transfer over to mobile devices as well.  Hopefully your viewing experience on your cell phone will be just as aesthetically pleasing as it is on the computer!

If this still aligns with your beliefs and what you like to read, then great! If not, I don’t want to add to the junk in your email inbox, so I encourage you to unsubscribe.  My goal is to post at least one well thought blog post a week, instead of multiple posts of just meh content- I’d really like to actually add value to your life!

So, without further adieu, welcome to Newman’s Nest, a guide to curating a simple life.  I hope you enjoy!  

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