Road Trip Essentials

road trip essentials
Yesterday we started our trek to Minnesota and will be arriving sometime tonight. I am really looking forward not only for the time we will spend with family, on the lake, and attending a wedding once we get to our destination, but I’m also really excited for the travel time. I have always loved a good road trip! Here are a few of my essentials to make the drive more enjoyable!
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1. Comfy Clothes: Being comfortable doesn’t mean sacrificing style- these joggers from Anthropologie are cute but feel like pajamas, which is definitely important for sitting in the car all day.
2. Drinks: We bring a variety of drinks because when you’re bored in the car, I always get thirsty which means we have to stop and look for somewhere to get a drink- total time waster. Although I’m not saying you shouldn’t stop and find those local coffee shops- that’s all part of the adventure! But this trip we have a bit of a deadline so there won’t be as much stopping. Some of our favorite drinks are Starbucks Doubleshots, Rev3 Energya natural energy drink that is super refreshing- purchasable through the link here, and lots of sparkling waters!
3. Sunglasses: no explanation needed, am I right?
4. Camera: I always take my camera on a road trip- you never know what you may see! And documenting any trip is important. I absolutely love my Canon Eos 60d– it’s an amazing camera!
5. Sunscreen: I’m sure you all know this, but the rays that come through the sunroof and windows are perfect to fry your little legs and arms! Make sure to protect your skin- this little travel sunscreen from Anthro is so cute.
6. Audiobooks: We get hours of entertainment out of audiobooks on the road. Make sure to get the unabridged versions for the full amount of listening time. I think The Girl on the Train: A Novel would be a great road trip read! Also, if you sign up for Audible, you can get it plus another book for free! Sweet, right?

7. Cooler: our Yeti Hopper bag is perfect for storing drinks and snacks. When we pack a cooler, I have noticed we eat healthier snacks because I can pack carrot sticks, hummus, and yogurts.
8. Pillow and Blanket: I always get sleepy after a few hours in the car! This cool travel set by Lug includes fleece blanket, matching pillow cover, and inflatable pillow.

What are your essentials for a road trip?


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