Road Trip Stops: South Dakota and Wyoming

After Minneapolis, we started making our way back West.  On a last minute whim, we decided to make a stop at Mount Rushmore and the Crazy Horse memorial.  That’s the beauty of a road trip, right?  You can change your plans and make unexpected stops.  I love it!  Mount Rushmore was a little cloudy but it was amazing how even when the faces were completely hidden in the clouds, everything became visible in just a few minutes!

Mount Rushmore: (and I had to take a picture of the Texas flag for my family!)IMG_0163 IMG_0167 IMG_0168

Crazy Horse Museum and Monument: (the wood work of the museum was beautiful)IMG_0174 IMG_0175 IMG_0176

Custer, South Dakota: We stopped for a bite after seeing the monuments at a little place called the Sage Creek Grille.  We loved the drive through the Black Hills- what gorgeous country!

Ten Sleep Canyon, Wyoming:  Seriously BREATHTAKING!IMG_0187 IMG_0196 IMG_0201 IMG_0210 IMG_0215

Right outside of the canyon is the little town of Ten Sleep, which has a cute little coffee shop.  I could definitely live in Ten Sleep- it was adorable.
IMG_9319 Honestly, I don’t remember where this was.  We stopped at so many random places!  But I do know it was in Wyoming and it was pretty.  Ha!IMG_0221 IMG_0226



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