As July is dawning, I am realizing how fast the Summer of 2014 has gone. In just a few short weeks (3 to be exact) I will be starting my LAST semester of college (finally)!  Time seems to be flying, but I’m thankful for the constancy of the simple things in life.

Simple things like: blackberry picking (or lack thereof, due to too many red berries!) and carved initials in trees at the inlaws….

IMG_8184 IMG_8191 IMG_8195


Chase says he doesn’t even remember carving these initials (must have been a long while back!)- but I saw them for the first time last week (how did that get passed by, right?) and thought it was quite adorable!  


What are some simple things in life that you enjoy?

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  1. Simply enjoy: Having all the fam over and BBQ on the patio, enjoying cold iced tea and Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream!!!

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