Spray Painted Countertops

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For our guest bathroom, I wanted an inexpensive upgrade that would completely change the current countertops, so I had begun the online search of methods to fill this.  I found a tutorial on Pinterest from the Bright Green Door Blog on how to spray paint counter tops and I loved her end result!  So we gave it a try.  The tutorial said to use Rust-Oleum Stone Creations Spray but we used Valspar Stone Spray because we couldn’t find the Rust-Oleum version in the color we wanted (update 12/5: the Valspar is no longer available).  I have to admit, we had to do this process twice to get the desired output.  The first time, we bought the clear sealer that is meant to go with the stone spray.  We used that as a top coat but it bubbled!  So we sanded (clarification: Chase sanded) and started from scratch.  The total cost was around $10!

Here is the process we used:

1. Tape everything off around the area you will be spraying- it is spray paint after all!

2. Sand the countertop

3. Shake the can really well!

4. Spray paint in long stroking motions- but only put very light coats on!

5. Let the first light coat dry for 2-3 hours.  Then repeat the spraying and drying process until you have the desired effect!

6. If you want to seal it, I would use a clear poly like this one!







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  1. How has this held up? Did you have any cracking or chips? Did you put a sealer over it at all? Thanks! Very excited to try this!! 🙂

    1. Hi Kaitie,
      The counter has held up pretty well considering how easy of a “fix” it was. My only complaint is that cleaning it is not as simple as I would like because of the rough texture. I did not put a sealer over it, which I think would really help this problem!

    1. Jenny, the counters are holding up quite well, considering the simplicity of the project. But we are going on over 2 years of having these countertops so I do have some info to share on the wear in the long run- I will be posting a new updated post with pictures of the countertops in the next few weeks! I will comment back again once I get the post up.

  2. Beautiful!! I have a hunter green formica bathroom counter top I would love to spray to another color. Did you spray over formica? Unless I missed something, I didn’t see how much prep needed to be done. Great job, thank you for sharing.

    1. It was Formica! I will be doing another article soon to go over how it has held up the last few years- there wasn’t much prep involved other than just sanding a bit to rough up the surface! Thanks for visiting our site.

  3. Soooooo happy I found this article! I am definitely going to try it. Do you think it will work just as well with the hammered look or other than stone finish?
    Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

    1. I think a hammered look could be really pretty! That actually may even hold up better than our stone finish because ours has started to chip- I will be doing an article in the near future to talk about how it’s holding up since we did the project over 2 years ago now! Thanks for visiting!

      1. Thanks soooooooooo so much for your reply, I never expected it! We lost 3/4 of our house interior from a leaking toilet and us on vacation for 2 weeks. We had to move into a rental for 1 year. Yay, I got a new kitchen but I am still stuck with a vanity top that is missized and hunter green. My problem is I put mirrors on the wall after we moved in and couldn’t spend the money to upgrade.
        Now we can’t get the vanity or counter top without destroying the mirror. I have been desperate for ideas. I also read about a heavy duty contact paper made for this. I am just so confused.
        Thanks again, have a great day.

  4. I have tile counter tops, can I use the stone spray on them? Or do I have to use paint for tile, and paint it?
    Thank you Donna

  5. I did this to my bathroom counters without the sanding and it worked great. We lived in the house for two years and no chopping during that time. Quick, inexpensive makeover.

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