The Springs in Idaho City

The Springs in Idaho City take the term “hot tubbing” to a whole new level.  Nestled in the pine trees of Idaho City, the natural hot spring fed pools are a completely rejuvenating experience.  Chase and I headed North a few weekends ago to the mountains for a relaxing date night to celebrate our birthdays together, and the beautiful scenery paired with the luxurious pools were just the right combination we were looking for!  The 45 minute drive is well worth the restful time spent in the pools, and we were even able to enjoy dinner and drinks in our private hot tub.  I am so excited to make the trek again during the cooler months, as I’m sure the Fall colors and Winter snowfall would be gorgeous backdrops.
Taking time to relax has been the hardest part of simplifying for me- I am always assessing the next item to “check off the list”. Getting out of cell service for a few hours to simply soak worked wonders!

The Springs
3742 ID-21
Idaho City, ID 83631

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