Weekly Review: Coachella, More Waffles, and a Music Video

This week I have enjoyed:

+ a slow morning with hubby before he had to fly away to Cali (we made our usual- waffles and sausage or bacon.  Please don’t judge the amount of butter I use on my waffles!) 

+ talking Coachella style at Trois Chic.  I love all of the flowy bohemian dresses!  Here was my inspiration:



+ a recipe for a Spring Salad on Vogue- I found it after I posted my go to salad equation and am thinking I may need to give it a try!  The recipe is from April Broomfield’s book, A Girl and Her Greens: Hearty Meals from the Garden.  Sounds like a great cookbook!

+ this song by Billy Currington:

Have a great weekend!



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