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Beginning Camping Season at Sheep Creek

Our annual fishing excursion to the Duck Valley Indian Reservoir signals a sort of waking from a winter long hibernation of outdoor activity.  It marks the first camping trip of the season, and definitely not the last.  This year was all the same as the past and also quite a bit different, with a baby in tow.  Especially with a baby who just wanted to get down in the dirt and stuff handfuls of rocks into her mouth.  What stayed the same, is that it gets cold and WINDY.  ...

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Camping: Trinity Lakes

For the Fourth of July weekend, we were anxious to get out of town since the Valley was experiencing extremely hot weather, and we knew Max wouldn’t do well with the fireworks.  Our plan was to camp at the Big Trinity Lake Campground, but after driving two hours on a dirt road, the way into the campground was barricaded off!  So instead we dry camped on Trinity Ridge, and the views right from our site were breathtaking.  Our days were spent hiking, relaxing by the fire, and scouting  ...

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Duck Valley Fishing Trip

This weekend we took a quick trip to the Duck Valley Reservation to do some trout fishing.  It’s always an adventure there, as you never know what type of weather you will get!  It’s a safe bet to assume you will get at least one torrential downpour at some point in time during the trip, even if it is for just a short moment.  And the WIND!  Oh my goodness.  But the fishing is real good, and that is why we go!  When the wind was too much for me to handle, I curled up in the back  ...

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Goose Lake

Happy Monday! Some highlights of my weekend: Eating too many s’mores to count Hiking to the peak of a mountain (literally– I will post about it tomorrow!) Watching cows graze through camp Learning how to make campfires like a champ Reading books by the fire Taking a nap in the hammock Fishing from the kayaks- and actually catching fish! How was your weekend?!

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We’re Going….

Camping this weekend!  The last few camping trips we have gone on, we’ve forgotten key items (and I mean, very key items) at home.  (The fact that I’m sharing my clothing list should give you a hint!)  I would like to point out that it isn’t that we are irresponsible people- there is just so much to remember to pack for a camping trip!  Anyways, this time I made lists of EVERYTHING- clothes, food items, misc items, etc etc! Here is what is in my suitcase: Camping List by  ...

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Summer Part I

Wow, June has flown by! At the beginning of the month, my sweet nephew, AJ, turned two. I was lucky enough to make a trip down to be at the party!! The next week was Parma convention, which was wonderful as always. Lastly, we took a little camping trip up to Sagehen Reservoir. The trip turned south when we realized we forgot coffee for the French press- sittin’ by the campfire in the brisk mornings just weren’t the same! But it was a very relaxing and fun trip, all the same. So,  ...

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