Simple Joys: (first impressions of Blok & Co.)

Coming home from traveling always seems to nurture a sense of let down and even more wanderlust for me. But I’m reminded, what about the every day adventures? This is a way of thinking I’ve been trying to embrace more and more in my recent days. Every situation can become an adventure when we make a point to try something new, be more present, and take part in simple joys. 

My simple joys are: 

– a slow and quiet morning

– enjoying a hot cup of good coffee

– going for a walk

– trying a new restaurant

– reading a book 

– wearing my favorite clothes (which is everyday thanks to a pared down wardrobe!)

So with this mindset in action Lucy and I stopped by Blok & Co, a new coffee shop, on our morning errands run yesterday. Not only was the coffee seriously good, the interior was gorgeous and so inspiring for my design soul. The style was earthy and minimal, which I’m always a fan of. Even Lucy had an enriching time, as two little girls at a nearby table came over to play.   One of the sweet girls pointed out that Lucy and I had “matching shoes” on- guilty! 

The simple joy of a good cup of coffee in a beautiful setting was the perfect reminder for me to enjoy the little everyday moments.  

Blok & Co

1800 N Locust Grove Rd

Meridian, Id 83646


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Portland Sightseeing

Let me tell you, Portland has the most awesome Starbucks downtown.  Maybe it is a little crazy that instead of finding the hip, local coffee shops, we head for the closest mega-chain?

Anyways, Portland is pretty nifty.  They most amazing book store, Powell’s.  It has multiple stories of books stacked floor to ceiling.  I mean seriously!  HOW COOL.

We also got a chance to ride the jet boats on the Willamette River (pronounced Will-AM-et, not Willa-mettie.  Oh yes, we did learn that the hard way, but we’re tourists so it’s ok).  It was pretty great, but I did get just a little more wet than I thought I would (I’m talking, water dripping down my nose, here).

All in all, Portland was a super fun city to visit- I would love to go back!

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