Our Texas Trip

Last week we got back from a long weekend in Texas with family.  We made some good memories playing with cousins, visiting great grandma and grandpa, hanging out with aunts and uncles, and winning over the hearts of “Ama and Papa” (although I’m sure their hearts have already been won!).  I always come home reminded that Boise is now where I belong but with a little ache and hole in the heart for the friends and family left behind in the South!   

We celebrated a late Christmas with everyone while we were down there.  My little nephew, Miles, just couldn’t wait to open the presents and I’m pretty sure he ripped the corner off every wrapped gift in anticipation.  That child cracks me up! 

Speaking of nephews, I have to share a story on Mile’s brother, AJ because I want to be able to look back and be reminded of this little gem of a memory.  The day we got into town, my sister picked us up at the airport and so we got to tag along on picking up AJ from school that afternoon.  He didn’t know we would be in the truck and he got a big grin when he saw us.  As we were riding along back to his house, he pipes up, “Aunty Lana! I love you!” My heart just melted!  Nephews are pretty sweet.  

And even sweeter was to see Lucy playing with her cousins.  Miles had a bit of a competitive attitude towards Lucy but AJ just loved playing and reading to her.  The trips have sure changed to see family, and are continuing to do so now with my brother and his wife expecting this month!  

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Weekend Recap

Happy Monday- I hope you all had a great weekend!

On Friday night we went to my cousin Lindsey’s 25th birthday party at my aunt and uncle’s. There were hamburgers, liquid nitrogen ice cream, a piñata, family and friends… Which made for a lot of fun! The birthday girl’s sweet niece picked out the piñata- she thought her auntie would want one! The liquid nitrogen ice cream was super fun to watch being made- I will post more pictures and a recipe tomorrow.


Then on Saturday, Chase and I had a date night to 36th Street Bistro for dinner and Idaho Shakespeare Festival to watch Deathtrap!  

How did you spend your days off?

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We’re Cruisin’!

Today we are headed to Cape Canaveral to board a cruise ship! We are going on a three day Disney cruise with the Ipsen’s. Our first stop is Nassau, and then on to Castaway Cay (Disney’s private island).
There won’t be any (free) wifi on board, so this will be my last post until returning home. But be prepared for lots of pictures next week! 🙂

Have a good weekend!!


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