Timeless Denim: the Levi 501

levi 501

I recently read “Is This the Beginning of the End for Skinny Jeans?” on The Wall Street Journal and it got me thinking, why do I gravitate towards skinny jeans? I love the slimming effect, and they do tend to feel more like sweatpants because of the stretch. But will they last forever? Are they a timeless article of clothing? Just a few years ago, I remember saying, “I will never own a pair of skinny jeans!” Now they are all I have in my closet. But I’m looking for change! An iconic denim like the 501 carries history with each vintage pair and they differ from all others, even if they are the same cut. I am loving the contrast of a looser fitting vintage denim paired with classy, chic tops! And we even started selling Levi’s at Anthropologie (online exclusive) so that says something, right? I have been searching in thrift shops around town for the perfect pair, but it’s easier said than done. While my search continues, I still enjoy finding outfit inspiration including 501s. Here are a few of my favorite looks:






Here are some Levi’s I’m am currently craving:

What are your thoughts, skinny versus 501s?  Do you agree that the death of the skinny jean is near?



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Spring Faves: Accessories

I was dropping off clothes at the dry cleaner’s today and the lady behind the counter told me she liked my scarf (I was wearing the Saloni scarf below).  She said “No matter what’s going on outside in the World, you at least have flowers on your scarf and are dressed for Spring!”  I’m not really sure what she meant, as the weather today was perfectly Springtime-ish so we don’t have much to complain about, but I’m not going to question a compliment!  I love breaking out the  Spring accessories and packing away the thick, dark winter clothes.  Here are a few of my favorite Spring time accessories:

Spring Essentials


Nude shoes:

Sam Edelman ‘Petty’ Bootie // Belle by Sigerson Morrison ‘Adirna’ Sandals // Cole Haan Women’s ‘Gramercy’ Oxfords


Saloni Scarf // Ted Baker London ‘Window Blossom’ Silk Cape // Virginia Johnson Spring Botanica Scarf

Ray-Ban Classic Aviators // Alexa Panama Hat // Ray-Ban ‘Classic Wayfarer XL’ 54mm Sunglasses

Do you have any Spring time accessory essentials?

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The Easiest DIY Ever: Cutoff Shorts

When it comes to denim cutoffs, I think the store-bought versions always lack a certain vintage feel that ‘real’ cutoffs have.  And talk about easy to make!  Why would you spend $50+ when you can make about 5 pairs for that same price?  All it takes is finding a good pair of jeans to start with.  You don’t want the jeans to be tight, so don’t start with your worn out skinnies (unless you’re into super tight shorts… I’m not real comfortable in that look but that’s just my opinion!)  It is best to find a loose fitting boyfriend jean or just find some straight leg or skinny jeans in a size (or two if needed) larger than you normally would wear.  For my cutoffs, I found some 7 for All Man Kind jeans at the thrift store for less than $10!  Then I just cut a few inches lower than the length I wanted because I was planning on cuffing the shorts.  And if you’re more motivated than I was, sew around the edges to prevent too much fraying (but you really don’t have to!)

And if you’re not into DIYs of any sort, here are some of my favorite cutoffs to buy:





Aren’t you excited for shorts weather?!


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