McCall Winter Carnival

Even with short winters here in Boise, the season can get long for a warm-weather-lover like myself.  So having fun events to look forward to is imperative for me!  One of the fun events we like to plan to attend during the winter is the McCall Winter Carnival.  It’s a fun chance to get up in the mountains, walk around the little resort town sipping on hot cocoa or coffee, and enjoy the scenery.  There are always multiple snow sculptures to see around town, making just a simple stroll a fun adventure!

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The Springs in Idaho City

The Springs in Idaho City take the term “hot tubbing” to a whole new level.  Nestled in the pine trees of Idaho City, the natural hot spring fed pools are a completely rejuvenating experience.  Chase and I headed North a few weekends ago to the mountains for a relaxing date night to celebrate our birthdays together, and the beautiful scenery paired with the luxurious pools were just the right combination we were looking for!  

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Trailing of the Sheep Festival

Last weekend we went to Sun Valley to watch the Trailing of the Sheep.  It was perfect Fall weather and such a relaxing little getaway!  

Saturday we wandered around Ketchum for some shopping then ventured over to Hailey to see the booths and grab some food.  Sunday we watched the actual trailing of the sheep through town- on our way in, we passed a hill side where all of the sheep were hanging out, which was a neat glimpse before the actual event!  Then when they made their way down the mountains, we watched them traipse down Main Street.  Seeing 1,500 sheep run through a town like Ketchum was pretty ironic!  And the sheep dogs at work were incredible to watch. 

There are so many great rental houses and hotels to stay at in the Sun Valley area but in my opinion the best option is to camp.  We stayed in the motor home and it was so nice to be out of the cool temps when needed but have the option to bundle up and sit by the campfire too.  Lucy did so great for the trip- we tried out her winter fleece suit for the first time and she seemed to stay toasty warm in the cool Fall temperatures.  

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