Midcentury Modern Entryway Styling

A couple of years ago, I was struggling with the furniture we had- none of it was very high quality or working for the look I wanted our home to have.  The reason for this was because when we first moved in, not only did I not know my personal style yet, but I thought we had to fill our house with furniture as soon as possible for it to feel like a home.  We went to the nearest big box store, bought a set, and called it good.  If you are in the beginning stages of decorating a home, please, please do not make the same mistake I did!  Take your time with your purchases- like years, if that’s what it takes!  Pick things that speak to you and your style.  And most of all, make sure you love every little thing you buy and bring into your home!  Hopefully, this mindset will mean you won’t grow tired of your things after a short while like I did.  So, I decided to list most of it on Craigslist and start fresh.  I also don’t really suggest doing that.  It meant our entryway has been void of furniture and decor since!

The other day, I was in a thrift store and found an amazing gem that would be the heart of the space.  It is a midcentury styled desk that needed some love, so of course I added that to the honey do list and made Chase go with me to pick the desk up!  We are in the process of painting it with chalk paint and then topping with a high gloss lacquer.  I am SO excited to get the space pulled together!  Here are a few pictures to show my inspiration, as well as some items I’m thinking would be perfect for a midcentury styled entryway.

midcentury modern entry way, midcentury modern, modern entry, interior design


midcentury modern entry way, midcentury modern, modern entry, interior design

sourcemidcentury modern entry way, midcentury modern, modern entry, interior design


midcentury modern entryway, modern entry, interior design, inspiration

Key Items: a mid century style desk, a basket to throw extra blankets in, a geometric lamp, a vase with greenery, an antler bowl to catch keys and change, a vintage style rug, and an inspirational style book

What do you think of this combo?  Am I missing any key items?

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Fall Inspiration 

Yesterday was my first day back at work. Being back in such a creative atmosphere was very inspirational in a style sense, especially for the new season ahead.  I am loving bohemian styles with lots of rich details and textures!

fall inspiration, bohemian, style, mood board fall inspiration, bohemian, style, mood board

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Nursery Inspiration

black and white nursery, nursery, inspiration

As I am nearing 23 weeks this week, it is evident this babe is over half way cooked!  I am becoming to realize I may not have as much time to finish the nursery as the procrastinator in me thinks I have.  I know exactly how I want it to look, thanks to so much pinterest inspiration, but now to actually put it all together!  I found some really sweet prints for the walls, and we have the rocking chair, rug, and crib, so I feel like most of the big things are set.  But I’m still trying to find that “perfect” dresser!

Here is my inspiration for the babe’s room:

black and white nursery

all images via Pinterest 


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