Dreaming of: Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel

We purchased our house over 6 years ago and had big dreams the day we stepped inside in terms of projects, yet here we are with only a few done. But, they were major projects so I’m still very pleased! It’s funny to me how home projects are thrown around so casually when in actuality, they are HUGE and can cost as much as a whole new house (or sometimes even more!) To date, we have painted the whole interior (some areas a few times!), put new flooring in throughout, updated the kitchen with painted cabinets, new back splash and concrete counter tops, and updated the guest bathroom with some cosmetic edits. The one room we haven’t touched much is our bathroom. Yet, interestingly enough, it’s the one room that my husband actually has SERIOUS opinions about! If a bathroom isn’t up to his standards, it’s bad news.

Our major pain point in the master bathroom is the shower. It creaks when it gets cold due to an ill fitted base and the glass is completely hard water etched (yes, I’ve tried cleaning it and I’m serious- it’s beyond hope).  To make matters worse, it’s a one piece unit with the soaker tub attached so if we replace the shower, the whole darn thing has to go even though the tub is still in great working form. So… we got a few quotes from bath fitting companies and guess what?  The quotes were astronomical! Like, $20,000+ crazy. I mean, it’s doable and I get that that sort of a project is an investment.  But seriously, all they were going to do was pretty much replace the bathtub and shower to be exactly what it is now! No thanks.  I’d rather hire a contractor ourselves and make it exactly what we want, even if it meant spending a little north of those quotes.
So here is our predicament. Our bathroom is totally functioning and does what it’s supposed to- it’s just not as serene and aesthetically pleasing as we would like.  You know the problem? My internal simple living self is saying, “Just deal, it’s far better than a lot of people in the world deal with- whenever we do decide to sell, the new owners will either be totally fine with the current bathroom or they can be the ones to remodel.” But my first world mind is saying, “Go for it, you deserve it!” And let me tell you, Pinterest and Instagram are not helping my problem currently.  I think social media only feeds my “home envy” of people- it’s not very minimalist of myself to allow that into my life!  I think I may need a social media purge?!
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Anyways, in the end of it all, I have decided I can dream about a remodel and at least put together a mood board, right?  I would love your comments- is it worth it to do such a big remodel on a starter home? Or should I just learn to be content, because the fact of it is, I have a beautiful home as is and am VERY FORTUNATE!  We also could just put new glass in the shower and redo the back splash for an updated look.  There’s options, which is good (and bad for the deciding factor!) Help me, please. 🙂

Vanity / Faucet / Bathtub / Bath Faucet

So here it goes, what I would do if we actually were going to sink around $30k in our bathroom. I am loving the idea of a free standing tub next to a newly tiled shower (with new glass!) so that would definitely be on the list. I would take out our current vanity that wraps around the corner wall in an L shape and replace with this vanity from Home Depot.  Mirrors of course would have to be circular and framed! For faucets, I’d go modern in both the freestanding tub faucet and sink faucets.  I’d keep the walls light and airy, either white or a mint colored accent- maybe even shiplap one wall as an accent.  For the back splash and shower tiling, I’d of course go with subway tiles, my favorite!  Finishing touches include Turkish towels, a large vintage rug, and some eucalyptus in a vase on some open shelves.  Ta-da, there you have it, my dream modern farmhouse inspired bathroom!

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modern farmhouse bathroom

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Nest Tour: A Boise Modern Farmhouse

It’s been a while since I have shared a home that really speaks to me.  As I was recently perusing Realtor.com, I found a beautiful, out-of-my-budget and way-too-large-for-me home that I fell in love with!  But a girl can dream, right?  This gorgeous home was a 2016 Parade of Homes by Paradigm Construction and it has every single feature of a new build while also claiming the charm of a classic farmhouse.  My favorite part is the interior.  The staging inside is done to perfection!  I love the neutral palette and abundance of textures.  Enjoy!

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All photos from Realtor.com and taken by agent; listed with Lysi Bishop.

Who else is in love?

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Modern Farmhouse Dining

modern farmhouse, dining, rustic, chic

I am such a sucker for the modern farmhouse style, as you already know if you have followed the blog for a while now.  During my trip to Texas, I got the chance to go to Magnolia Market (a whole post dedicated to my visit here), and let’s just say I am INSPIRED!  I got a lot of great ideas on how to incorporate more of a rustic touch to my quite modern home.  The first room I’m focusing on is the dining room.   I love a good, thick, rustic dining table paired with more modern seating options.  The mix matched look is so chic!  Then accent with a vintage rug, some antlers, and rustic lighting and the room is set.  For the right combination, even though it seems that you would want to mix half modern with half vintage, I have found that more rustic is better- a touch of modern goes a long way!

Here are some of my favorite items to create the look:

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