Nest Tour: Modern Meets Old Fashioned Charm

THIS HOUSE.  You guys.  It’s gorgeous!  It was for sale the last few times I scoured, which I do pretty often, but now I can’t find it.  I’m sure someone snagged this beaut right up.  I was going to offer a room up for grabs to anyone who would help fund the purchase, but so sorry, that great plan isn’t up for grabs anymore.

I think what I like the most is not only the style of the exterior, but the black and white interior.  Whoever staged this house and I are kindred design spirits, let me tell ya!  The reason such a monochromatic color scheme works in this home is because there are so many great textures being mixed.  There’s pops of fur, distressed wood, marble, etc.  it’s just perfect! 

Photos via Clark & Co

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Nest Tour: A Modern Craftsman

When I’m with my parents, we always talk about houses.  Whether it was one of our many past homes, their future “forever home” that they will be building in the near future, or just homes for sale we have seen.  So when we were driving by a cute new neighborhood in my hometown called Town Creek during my last visit, we had to swing in!  The lots were quite small but all the homes were just gorgeous.  I fell in love with the exterior of this home instantly, as I love a bright white, gray tin, and wood mixture!  The interior doesn’t disappoint, either- see for yourself.  Wouldn’t decorating this place be so much fun?!

All photos from Limestone Properties

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