Weekly Review: Calligraphy Class, Books, and Evening Walks

This week I have enjoyed:

+ watching an online calligraphy class by Scarlet & Gold, a Houston based lifestyle and gift brand. I am self taught when it comes to calligraphy so I felt like I learned good tips to better my skill. Stay tuned to their website, as they will be offering more online classes next month!

+ showing my most recent DIY over at the Trois Chic blog- a quick and easy indoor herb garden!

+ scoring two books and adorable pens on sale at Anthropologie during their 20% off sale item sale! The two books are Berlin Street Style: A Guide to Urban Chic by Angelika Taschen and Alexa Won Heyden and the Fashion Insiders’ Guide to New York by Carole Sabas. I don’t know why I have an obsession with style books- I have quite the collection started!

+ evening walks with the hubby around our neighborhood since it is staying light so late!


+ the beginning of April!


What have you enjoyed this week?
Have a great weekend!



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Boating and Planting

This last week has been busy- we have been getting the house ready for summer (window washing/shampooing carpets), starting the landscaping in our backyard, and making sure we have a little time to go boating!

I now have dahlias, poppies, roses, and hydrangeas around the yard.  I am so excited for some colorful blooms- the dahlias are blooming quite well already.



Oh, and an update on my last post about going through closets…. didn’t happen.  At least the windows are clean, right?!

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Patio Garden

I love the thought of a garden, I really do, but my backyard is a little on the small side.  Okay, really on the small side (and two big dogs live back there).  So, for now, it is something I dream about for when we move into a bigger yard.  We recently got a mini lettuce garden basket from Chase’s parents.  It is so great!  We can go out and snip a fresh bowl of salad greens for dinner every few days (it grows back pretty quickly).   I am loving how easy a patio garden is- I can see how they are popular for people in the city!


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