Kitchen Remodel

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I have been slow at posting about the kitchen renovation because we still have detail work to finish.  But I have decided I may as well post a sneak peek, right?  All we have left is to finish the kick boards under the cabinets and add cabinet hardware- I am SO EXCITED and SO READY to be finished with projects around the house!
Here is a list of everything we updated:
-new paint on walls
-painted cabinets
-installed new backsplash
-installed concrete overlay on countertops
-new sink and faucet
-added pendant lighting above island and sink
I absolutely love the sleek and minimal outcome.  But… it took a total of 4 whole months, which is a lot longer than we expected.  I have to admit, we couldn’t have done it all without my in-laws- they came over many a day to help tear things out, paint, install, and clean up.  All in all, we learned remodeling is hard work!







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Spray Painted Countertops

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For our guest bathroom, I wanted an inexpensive upgrade that would completely change the current countertops, so I had begun the online search of methods to fill this.  I found a tutorial on Pinterest from the Bright Green Door Blog on how to spray paint counter tops and I loved her end result!  So we gave it a try.  The tutorial said to use Rust-Oleum Stone Creations Spray but we used Valspar Stone Spray because we couldn’t find the Rust-Oleum version in the color we wanted (update 12/5: the Valspar is no longer available).  I have to admit, we had to do this process twice to get the desired output.  The first time, we bought the clear sealer that is meant to go with the stone spray.  We used that as a top coat but it bubbled!  So we sanded (clarification: Chase sanded) and started from scratch.  The total cost was around $10!

Here is the process we used:

1. Tape everything off around the area you will be spraying- it is spray paint after all!

2. Sand the countertop

3. Shake the can really well!

4. Spray paint in long stroking motions- but only put very light coats on!

5. Let the first light coat dry for 2-3 hours.  Then repeat the spraying and drying process until you have the desired effect!

6. If you want to seal it, I would use a clear poly like this one!







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