Weekly Review: Abstract Art, J.Crew, Dr. Suess, and Leopard Flats

caroline prudence

This week I have enjoyed:

+ getting inspiration from Prudence Caroline’s artwork!  It is so gorgeous.  I have been delving into abstract painting a little during Lucy’s nap time and I’m hooked now- it’s so much fun!  You will find some more abstract paintings that inspire me in the shop!

+ J.Crew’s new arrivals- especially this paisley dress!  You all know I’m partial to Anthropoligie but I try to stay up to date by checking out my other favorite brands’ styling and new items.  (And I especially like J.Crew because they carry tall sizes, not only in jeans but also skirts and dresses!)

+ listening to Chase read Lucy Dr. Seuss books!  Especially the ABC book.  He is the best kids book reader ever- something about the way he reads, I don’t know how to explain it but he could easily be one of those people to read a book on tape.

+ dreaming about some leopard flats.  They are so versatile and would go with any print or solid!

Have a great weekend!

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10 Things Becoming a Parent Has Taught Me

1. Never judge other parents, ever.  We are all in this stage of life that is so incredibly unknown and new, and if something works for a parent, let them go with it!  

*side note: I feel so terrible about ever judging parents before I had kids.  I had NO clue what it was about, so how did I feel like I had authority to judge?! 

2. Just when you think you have a stage figured out, the kid will change.  Just yesterday this happened for me- the swing has been AMAZING for getting Lucy to nap. But today she wouldn’t have anything to do with it!  I laid her in her crib awake, and within minutes was asleep.  What?! 

3. Parenting trends like “co-sleeping” should actually be called survival mode.  I thought we could pick and choose what methods we wanted.  No ma’am- it doesn’t work that way.  Some nights, I am so exhausted that when Lucy wakes up to eat (which is less and less these days) I bring her to bed with us so I can nurse and sleep.  Did I plan on co-sleeping? No! But does it work some days? YES. 

4. Always judge your gut instinct. When Lucy wouldn’t sleep and was constantly crying as a newborn, I knew something was wrong but I couldn’t figure out what right away.  Email or call the doctor when you feel this way!  I wish I had called sooner.

5. Be willing for everything to take longer.  Like loading up the car to go anywhere.  Unfailingly, the second after Lucy gets strapped into the car seat, there is a dreaded noise that results in a quick diaper change.  Every. Single. Time.

6. Lower your expectations.  Don’t expect a clean house, a clean outfit, all the laundry done, and your teeth brushed.  Maybe choose two of those- (teeth brushing being one).

7. To forget about buying anything for yourself again. It’s way more fun to shop for a little human. Everything is so tiny and cute!  

8. Coffee is necessary. Forget what some hard core people will say about babies not needing caffeine so breastfeeding mom’s shouldn’t drink it. It’s all about surviving!  And just because something might not benefit my child doesn’t mean I don’t get to enjoy it, right?  Some of you probably are thinking, “Bad mom of the year quote.” But come on! 

9. Take advice gracefully. Some is helpful, some is not. But accept it all and pick what you want to actually follow.  And some won’t even work for your child anyways! 

10. Learn to laugh at yourself. It beats crying and feeling down! 

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52 Lists: Things That Make Me Happy

 Things that are currently making me happy: 

1. Seeing the way the light shines through the window into our bedroom

2. Breakfast in bed

3. Chase bringing a muffin home from The Brickyard last night and putting it by the bed while I slept early this morning as he crept out the door for work so I could have said breakfast in bed

4. Walking into the nursery and seeing progress

5. A doctors appointment yesterday that confirmed everything is going great for our little girl (only 10 weeks to go!)

6. An upcoming trip to see my family

7. Feeling the little one do her acrobats- she is an active lil’ girl!  

Have a good Saturday! 



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