The Easiest DIY Ever: Cutoff Shorts

When it comes to denim cutoffs, I think the store-bought versions always lack a certain vintage feel that ‘real’ cutoffs have.  And talk about easy to make!  Why would you spend $50+ when you can make about 5 pairs for that same price?  All it takes is finding a good pair of jeans to start with.  You don’t want the jeans to be tight, so don’t start with your worn out skinnies (unless you’re into super tight shorts… I’m not real comfortable in that look but that’s just my opinion!)  It is best to find a loose fitting boyfriend jean or just find some straight leg or skinny jeans in a size (or two if needed) larger than you normally would wear.  For my cutoffs, I found some 7 for All Man Kind jeans at the thrift store for less than $10!  Then I just cut a few inches lower than the length I wanted because I was planning on cuffing the shorts.  And if you’re more motivated than I was, sew around the edges to prevent too much fraying (but you really don’t have to!)

And if you’re not into DIYs of any sort, here are some of my favorite cutoffs to buy:





Aren’t you excited for shorts weather?!


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