The Next Project: Updating the Guest Bathroom

At the beginning of this year, Chase and I made a list of all the projects around the house to complete in 2014.  But it’s already over halfway to 2015 and only a few things have gotten crossed off the list!  On Saturday, we got a wild hair and decided we would tackle the guest bathroom next, so off we went to Home Depot.  Well, it didn’t take long, as I stood in front of the many, many tile options, before I realized how unprepared I was to pick things out that would hopefully be a part of our home for years to come.  Why do they give us so many options?  Frustrated and a little set back, we headed home empty handed.  I did some browsing and here are some of my favorite inspirations:


sherwin williams sea salt bathroom_bright and beautiful blog



Source Stylish-Modern-Bathroom-Design-11

Source modern-bathroom-design



All in all, what I discovered was that I am a huge fan of marble, which I didn’t realize before!  I love simple, white, and classic designs with neutral colors.  I have chosen to go with a light shade of aqua for the walls and paint our carmel colored wood cabinets white.

What do you think?  What is your favorite bathroom design?

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