Thrifting 101: Brands

Part of me wants to keep this a total secret, because I feel like I’ve hit a gold mine.  But the other part of me wants to share the wealth, so here goes!

That “wealth” I’m talking about is the plethora of great condition, brand names clothes at super inexpensive prices.  And I mean dirt cheap. Where, you ask?! Keep reading to find out!

I have found it to be such a fun little “hobby” to search sites like Swap and ThredUp, online second hand e-commerce sites, to find second hand items to fit into my capsule wardrobe.  And if I find gems that don’t fit into my wardrobe, I usually sell them on eBay or Poshmark.  I realize this may not seem like I’m doing my shopping habits any minimalist favors.  But I’ve also realized that my love for style will be inevitable.  I also love supporting second hand sites and fueling the desire in others for sustainable and eco-friendly fashion- so my thrifting continues!

The secret I want to share is how I search second hand websites and thrift stores.  I feel like this is KEY in sorting items!  There are way too many items selling second hand to just have a free for all and look through everything.  So the trick is, KNOW YOUR BRANDS! This is also important because once you find a brand you like, generally you will know the fit of the brands items so sizing will be generally easy. Thrifting online is tricky when you don’t know how an item or brand will fit!

I do realize that some people enjoy thrifting without the purpose of finding brand name items and instead are looking for the “vintage gems”- but brand hunting can be a safe starting point if you haven’t had good luck thrifting in the past!

Brands that I tend to look for are ones that Anthropologie sells, since I do love that place! Some labels are specific to Anthro, like Maeve or Holding Horses. Others, like Current/Elliott or Mara Hoffman are designer labels that Anthro carries but buys from the designer. Labels that are found in Anthropologie are usually the style that I tend to like, which is why I hunt for them. So here is the list I usually look for, although this isn’t a complete list so maybe head over to Anthropologie’s website to find more!


So why not give it a try? You can even set alerts on ThredUp and Swap so they will email you when your brand of choice has items available in the size you’re looking for! Pretty cool, right?

Now it’s your turn to get addicted to buying second hand- enjoy!

Here is a $10 ThredUp credit if you haven’t shopped with them before!

Or try Swap out for 20% off your order of $20+!

This post does contain affiliate links. If you purchase through them, I may earn a small percentage of the sale or a commission. Thank you for supporting my thrifting hobby!

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