Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Can you believe that Valentine’s Day is a month away?  Yes, this means starting to shop around and thinking about gifts is probably a good idea.  Before I share my gift guide with you, I have a little story.  Let me tell you how Valentine’s Day usually goes in our house.  I usually look at the calendar on February 12th and realize that Valentine’s is a few days away (yes, sometimes I lack romanticism).  So I start to think up really great, creative and meaningful gift ideas but then go to buy them online and see that two day shipping is as expensive as buying a new car that I just give up and instead cook a nice meal for the hubby and make him a card.  In the meantime, he has been preparing and doing his homework, and BAM!  Valentine’s Day comes and he does this super romantic grand gesture and presents me with the perfect gift and flowers and whatnot.  Yes, it is amazing and I feel very lucky…  But, I also feel extremely guilty!  Long story short, this year I am bound and determined to change that.  So I created this gift guide to help me (and anyone else who needs a little nudge, men included) find the perfect gift.

What will you be giving for Valentine’s Day?

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  1. Hahaha oh my word. This cracked me up – it’s another thing we have in common. At least on the lady side of things. Nate isn’t a big romantic guy and doesn’t typically go all out for V-day. He is pretty awesome on birthdays though. Anyway, we like to make homemade pizza on Valentine’s day, dance around to oldies music in the kitchen and maybe play a board game. Totally in favor of avoiding the crowds and over priced specialty meals. 😉 We got engaged on February 15, so we like to go out to a fancy restaurant on that day instead. 🙂 My favorite thing is a heartfelt card anyhow. – Cute post!

    1. Haha, I’m glad I’m not the only one who is not the hugest romantic! I agree with avoiding crowds. And great idea to celebrate your engagement the day after instead of going out for Valentine’s!

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