Weekend Getaway to Portland

This evening, Chase and I are jumping on a plane headed to Portland! Our three year anniversary is on Wednesday, so we are celebrating a bit early. I am very excited for our little escape from the chaos of school and our remodel. It is an extremely short trip, so we are sharing a carry-on bag, which makes for very interesting packing on my part!  If you have been following along on the blog for a while, you know how important the planning of a trip is to me.  (See previous packing lists for Camping and Florida)  Well this trip was no different!  Here is what is in my bag:

-(1) pair of skinny black jeans

– trench coat

-(1) versatile scarf

-(2) blouses that can be dressed up or down

-(1) cardigan for layering

-(1) pair of boots for walking around in the day

-(1) pair of heels for evening

-toiletries, socks, under things….

-crossbody purse with essentials and of course, my camera!



What do you pack for a weekend in the city?

Have a great weekend!

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  1. This sounds so fun! I think we are a bit similar in our need to plan for weekends away. 🙂 Boots and sweater dresses are my go-to this time of year. Happy anniversary! Hope you had a blast. I can’t wait to go to Portland some day!

    1. Amanda, I always say planning is half of the fun- I’m glad you agree! Boots and sweater dresses are a perfect combination. Definitely plan a Portland trip sometime- it was lots of fun!

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