Weekly Review: Liam Snuggles, Spring Lunches, and Trois Chic Giveaway

This week’s highlights:

+ Our new floor lamp finally arrived!  The living room is one step closer to coming together. 

+ I got my weekly Liam snuggles. He has the sweetest coos and giggles!  

+ Fresh daffodils (while they lasted… If anyone knows of a way to get them to stay around for a while please let me know!)

+ Celebrating Trois Chic’s 100th post!  Head on over there to check out a sweet giveaway! 

+ Spring lunches- I crave lighter foods when the weather starts to warm up.  Cottage cheese with tomatoes, basil, and salt and pepper is an amazing combination.  Add a side of veggies and it’s the perfect spring lunch! 

What have you enjoyed this week?

Have a great weekend! 

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