Weekly Review: Mini Golf, Houses, and A Lot of Pictures

This week I have enjoyed:

+bbq’ing and eating in the backyard (what a beggar of a dog we have)+ a mini golf date night with Chase + junk food after said date night  (I hadn’t had a Cherry Coke in forever… but being outside enjoying the warm evening made me crave a Coke so badly!)+ slow mornings with this sweet face  + a Cabela’s trip stocking up on things for our upcoming fishing trip     + touring Parade Homes (we are showcasing our favorites on Trois Chic in a week or so- I will also show some of my favorite design elements here on the blog after I see them all!)  This is the view from one of the homes upstairs balcony- gorgeous, right?   The second photo is the backyard view of a home in Eagle- I love the little personal beaches (even if they are manmade!)  And the third photo is of an open house just down the street from a Parade Home in south Meridian- I love the open floor plan.


+ talking summer sandals over at Trois Chic!

+ a bowl of soup and some Zoe Hart during a rainy lunch break  

+ celebrating Cinco de Mayo with some fish tacos at Bardenay  

Have a great weekend!



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