Weekly Review: Work Uniform, Squirrels, and Waffles

This week I enjoyed:

+ reading “Why I Wear the Same Thing to Work Everyday” in Harper’s Bazaar.

The article is about an art director who simplified her life by creating a work uniform-  I don’t think I could be as extreme as the article suggests, but I do love the idea!  She rejuvenated my capsule wardrobe mindset, which was very needed since starting to work in a retail setting.

+ getting our new waffle maker from Williams-Sonoma.

We chose the Breville Smart Wafflemaker, and it is the BOMB!  I posted a recipe on Trois Chic today for Waffles and Gravy (an update on the usual biscuits and gravy)- check it out here.

+ seeing this little guy on my walk back to my car after work. (and the beautiful tulips!)

He was so friendly!  I’m sure he thought I had food for him.    

+ finding the Nixon Kensington Rose Gold Watch on sale online- it’s beautiful!


How was your week?

Have a great weekend!



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