Weekly Review: Yoga, Basic Tees and Avacado Toast

this week I have enjoyed:

+ stocking up on basic tees: you can never have too many gray or white tees, am I right?

gray tee // white tee

+ writing about places to eat in Boise for Mother’s Day on Trois Chic

+ my new favorite meal/snack: avocado mashed on toast with salt and pepper!  It may not look too pretty but man, oh man… it’s tasty!

+ how early it gets light in the morning- the reflections in our kitchen make me so happy!  The light looks all sparkly and I just love it.

+ Frappuccino Happy Hour beginning today!  And somehow I got lucky and was given a cookie straw- that made my day.  

+ an after run yoga video to decrease back and knee pain: My body has never felt so old as it has in the last few weeks- my back has been doing seriously weird things!  But I feel like yoga is the best thing to add to my workout regime.  So this video has been a great addition to my runs!

What were your highlights this week?

Have a great weekend!



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