Weekly Review: Food and More Food, Mugs, and Poppies

this week I have enjoyed:

+ talking about Mother’s Day gifts over at Trois Chic!

+ shadows in the morning created by mugs of hot water with lemon

+ beautiful poppies at the garden center  

+ a new candle from Anthropologie– it smells so good!  

+ a dinner at Fork that consisted of griddle mac and cheese- YUM!  

+ a lunch date with Chase at Bleubird- their shaken sodas are so good!

+ making flourless chocolate espresso cake- it was a first for me!  It was quite tasty but folding in the egg whites was a serious workout for my arm, haha.  


+ reflections in my coffee.  This cute mug is a new addition to the kitchen and I just love it’s cheery pattern!

+new shoes that can take any outfit to the next level!  

Have a good weekend!



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