What I Learned from Courney Carver at the Tiny Wardrobe Tour

project 333, tiny wardrobe tour, minimizing, capsule wardrobe

Last Thursday night, I got to listen to Courtney Carver herself, and learn a little more about her background and why she started Project333. It was an inspiring evening that made me want to pare down even more! The timing of the tour coming to Boise was perfect- I have been sticking to my FIRST season of “33” items that started in October and will run through December. I say “33” because my number isn’t quite there (I don’t count outerwear currently- keep on reading to see how that is going!) 
Project333 is a capsule wardrobe system in which only 33 items are worn over a 3 month time frame. It was born as a challenge to simplify Courtney’s life due to a M.S. diagnosis. She had announced the challenge on her blog and right away, 100 readers joined in with her! Since then, the idea has been spreading like wildfire. Just one month in to the challenge, the Associated Press called for a story! A Vogue employee (I believe it was someone pretty high up, too, like maybe the Marketing Director?) commented on the story and called it “severe”- Courtney was worried that comment would crush it all! Even with a negative comment coming from such a high footing couldn’t rock this momentum, though. People were loving the challenge and it has spread all over!

project 333, tiny wardrobe tour, minimizing, capsule wardrobe
So back to my current capsule- starting the challenge, I hadn’t been counting outerwear, due to Boise fluctuating in temperature these months, and also because I need different coats for my different roles. A trench for work, a puffer for cold weather (but mine doesn’t have a hood so I also needed a soft shell jacket with a hood….) See where this is going? By me not counting outerwear, I was compensating and keeping all these extra items because I thought I needed them. Do I really “need” those different items or could I pare down to one dressy coat and one all-weather/play-out-in-the-cold type of coat? In her talk, Courtney highly suggested picking a number and sticking with it. So that’s my plan! No more “extra” items. (Although no counting workout wear, underwear, socks, or pajamas).
So, IS 33 too “severe” for you?! FINE!!! Have a capsule of 50 items if that is what works better. But just stick to a number. With that in mind, I am changing my number (and I’m paring down my coat collection!).

For more information on Courtney, click here.  More on Project 333 here, and more on The Tiny Wardrobe Tour here.

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