Weekend Recap

This weekend was Chase’s last before heading off to a month long course in Mississippi, which means we filled the weekend to the brim!
Friday Night: Chipotle & an evening stroll
Saturday: Capital City Market, Bacon for breakfast (love that place), a walk on the greenbelt, shopped for new plants for the backyard, planted them, dinner made by Chase on the smoker, and to top it all off, backyard cuddling by the fire pit. Perfection.

It’s funny to think, when Chase and I were doing the long distance relationship, seeing each other once a month was amazing! It was usually more like once every other month (if that). Now, I can’t imagine a month without him!


20140519-214136-78096227.jpg  20140519-214136-78096735.jpg20140519-214137-78097027.jpg

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